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Division (2) - Zones
Agricultural Zone (A1)
The permitted uses for the A1 zone are as follows:
Agricultural Exhibition and Fairground / Agriculture / Agricultural Storage / Assisted Living / Bed and Breakfast / Craft Distillery
Community Care Facility / Feedlot / Forestry Use / Fur Farm / Greenhouse / Home-based Business / Kennel / Large Animal Hospital
Manufactured Home / Mushroom Farm / Piggery / Poultry Farm / Riding Stable / Single-Family Dwelling / Slaughterhouse
Supportive Housing / Temporary Trailer (subject to "Temporary Trailer Permit Bylaw 1976", No. 1685) / Two-Family Dwelling 
Minimum Lot Size
(2) The minimum permitted lot size for the A1 zone is 12 hectares (29.65 acres)
(2.1) Despite subsection (2), the minimum permitted lot size for Lot 1, Section 5, Range 1, Somenos District, Plan VIP63560 on North Road 
(PID: 023-483-539) is 9.0 hectares (22.2 acres). [BL3515] 
Minimum Frontage
(3) The minimum permitted frontage for the A1 zone is 180.0 m (590.55')
(4) The maximum permitted density for the A1 zone is as follows:
(a) The residential buildings per lot shall not exceed one.
(i) Despite the foregoing, where the land is not within the Agricultural Land Reserve, and where the land is two hectares (4.94 acres) or larger 
in area, a maximum of two residential buildings are permitted. In no case shall more than two dwelling units be permitted.
(ii) Despite the foregoing, where the land is within the Agricultural Land Reserve, and where the land is two hectares (4.94 acres) or larger 
area, additional dwelling units may be permitted for bona fide farm labour providing the Agricultural Land Commission approves.
(iii) Despite the foregoing, the placement of a temporary trailer may also be permitted subject to "Temporary Trailer Pwemir Bylaw 1976", 
No. 1685.
(iv) Despite the foregoing, parcel identifier 004-870-514 (the remnant parcel of the East 30 Acres of Section 5, Range 6, Chemainus District, 
excerpt Parts Lying West of the Chemainus River and except Parts in Plan VIOP54048 andVIP69792), is permitted a maximum of two 
residential buildings. [BL3284,BL3323]
Maximum Lot Coverage
(5) The maximum permitted lot coverage for the A1 zone is 10% of the lot area.
Minimum Setbacks
(6) The minimum permitted setbacks for the A1 zone are as follows:
(a) Single -Family Dwellings and Two-Family Dwellings
Yard, Front, 6.0 m (19.68') Yard, Side, 3.0 m (9.84') Yard, Rear, 8.0 m (26.25')
(b) Mobile Homes
Yard, Front, 30.0 m (98.42') Yard, Side, 12.0 m (39.37') Yard, Rear, 12.0 m (39.37')
(c) Slaughterhouses
Yard, Front, 92.0 m (301.84') Yard, Side, 92.0 m (301.84') Yard, Rear, 92.0 m (301.84')
(d) All Other Principal Buildings
Yard, Front, 46.0 m (150.91') Yard, Side, 46.0 m (150.91') Yard, Rear, 46.0 m (150.91')
(e) Accessory Buildings and Structures (Excluding Fences)
Yard, Front, 8.0 m (26.25') Yard, Side, 3.0 m (9.84') Yard, Rear, 8.0 m (26.25')
(f) Temporary Trailers
To be sited in accordance with the provisions of "Temporary Trailer Permit Bylaw 1976", No. 1685
Maximum Building Height
(7)  (a) The maximum permitted building height for buildings, containing one or more dwelling units, within the A1 zone is 9 m (29.53').
(b) Despite the foregoing, the heights of other farm buildings are subject to the provisions of the Associate Committee on the National 
Building Code (ACNBC) Farm Building Code 1995.
Conditions of Use
(8) The conditions of use for the A1 zone are as follows:
(a) Bed and breakfast uses may have no more than six sleeping untis and may be conducted in a maximum of one accessory building 
(with no kitchen) and/or one dwelling unit. [BL3323]
(b) Limited farm sale of agricultural products may be sold directly to the public provided that:
(i) a minimum of 50% of the agricultural products offered for sale are produced on the land;
(ii) the covered retail sales area does not exceed 100m2 (1076.4 sq. ft.); and
(iii) the retail sales are clearly ancillary to the farm use. [BL3083]
(c) Assisted Living, Supportive Housing, and Community Care Facilities may be permitted provided that
(i) the number of residents does not exceed ten, including resident staff,
(ii) the use is within a single-family dwelling unit only, which for clarity does not include a two-family dwelling,
(iii) approval from the Agricultural Land Commission is obtained, where the property is within the Agricultural Land Reserve,
(iv) valid health permits for septic systems or on-site wastewater treatment systems are obtained, and
(v) each single-family dwelling unit may contain this use where the property is two hectares (4.94 acres) or greater and has two single-family 
dwelling units
(d) Without limiting the generality of the definition, and for clarity, agricultural exhibition and fairground may include the following activities:
(i) sales and auctions of livestock, farm equipment, home craft and farm products;
(ii) ancillary concessions;
(iii) ancillary indoor and outdoor recreational activities;
(iv) temporary outdoor concerts, midways, and amusements for up to 40 days per year; and
(v) temporary camping and recreational vehicle parking related to a sanctioned event up to 60 days per year.
(e) Craft Distillery may be permitted provided that approval from the Agricultural Land Commision is obtained where the property is located 
within the Agricultural Land Reserve [BL3083, BL3302, BL3323, BL3356, BL3520] 

Genoa Bay Farm is a stunningly beautiful, 379-acre waterfront farm, situated on Genoa Bay, near Duncan BC.

The farm occupies the entire south-facing valley-bottom of the Genoa Bay watershed, providing a completely unique landscape under the absolute control of the owners of Genoa Bay Farm.

This incredible property is comprised of 7 individual Land Titles; two of which are waterfront Titles. The Land Use constraints are under the administrative direction of the Agricultural Land Commission and the Municipality of North Cowichan [Zoned Agricultural – A1, see attached], both of which provide significant opportunity for additional real estate development.

The Minimum Lot Size for the current A1 Zoning is 12 hectares [29.65 Acres], indicating that two of the existing Titles can be subdivided, yielding a potential of up to three new lots for the possibility of 10 Titled lots, providing for the opportunity of up to 16 Titled, single-family homes by way of Building Strata. The landscape is sloped to the valley bottom and Genoa Bay, providing terrific valley, mountain and ocean views from every lot!

The property features approximately 2,500 lineal feet of waterfront, with approximately half fronting onto each of the two waterfront Titles. Additionally, there is approximately 122 acres of cleared agricultural fields to produce hay and the grazing of cattle, and, approximately 257 acres of mature timber, mostly Douglas-fir, with some Red Cedar and Western Hemlock.

Genoa Bay Farm is located near the community of Duncan B.C., and is situated between Cowichan Bay and Sansum Narrows, which separates Vancouver Island from Saltspring Island. The Farm is located at the end of a road which serves Maple Bay B.C., passes through the Farm and terminates at the tiny community of Genoa Bay, just South of the property. Genoa Bay is an all-weather protected anchorage and the waterfront parcels provide opportunity for installing deep-water docks for year-around boating. Most services and amenities are available in Duncan. Charter vessel services are available at Cowichan Bay, Maple Bay and Genoa Bay.

Genoa Bay has a Marina and a Restaurant. The Marina is committed to providing their guest with a relaxed, enjoyable stay. Their credo is “Harbouring Contentment”. Genoa Bay Marina website.  

Marine Fuels are available in Cowichan Bay and Maple Bay. All other fuels are available in Duncan.

A regularly scheduled Seaplane service is available between Maple Bay and Vancouver International Airport [CYVR], provided by Harbour Air. Visit their website to find out more or book a flight.

A charter Seaplane service is available from Victoria International Airport [CYYJ], provided by Ocean Air Floatplanes. Ocean Air website.

Located in the North Cowichan Valley near Duncan and Maple Bay, Genoa Bay offers a quiet and relaxed way of life. The North Cowichan Valley offers great hiking, mountain biking, hang gliding, nature viewing, orienteering, and exception scenic views. Visitors can scuba dive, sail and fish in the crystal-clear waters of Genoa Bay, Maple Bay, Sansum Narrows and Stuart Channel; a haven for mariners.

Genoa Bay was named by the Italian Giovanni Baptiste Ordano after his birthplace of Genoa in Italy. Ordano arrived in the area in 1858 and opened the first store in the district at Tzuhalem.

Activities and Sites of Interest

Genoa Bay Marina: This marina offers lush tree-lined shores, towering vistas, and sheltered moorage. Services include excellent transient and permanent mooring facilities, a General and Marine Store, and the Genoa Bay Café, which offers a fine selection of Pacific Rim cuisines. The Genoa Bay Marina is a rustic hideaway full of old wooden sailboats – an interesting place to visit and relax.

Sansum Narrows: Genoa Bay is a good place for mariners to wait for the strong current in Sansum Narrows to change before heading into the Stuart Channel and Dodd Narrows.

Golf Courses: Golfers have a few courses in the area to choose from; Cowichan Golf and Country Club in Duncan (20 minutes from Crofton), Duncan Meadows Golf Course (15 minutes from Crofton), Mount Brenton Golf Course in Chemainus (10 minutes from Crofton), and Arbutus Ridge Golf Club in nearby Cobble Hill. Vancouver Island Golf Vacations.

Scuba Diving: Diving in the protected narrow inlets around Maple Bay is so good and so close to shore that the late Jacques Costeau considered it one of his favourite diving spots in the world!

Fishing: Sansum Narrows and Maple Bay are excellent places to fish for salmon, sea bass, and cod. The better spots are Arbutus Point and Octupus Point, and Maxwell Point and Bold Bluff Point off Saltspring Island.

Quamichan Lake: Access to this popular lake northwest of Genoa Bay is off Maple Bay Road, via Trunk Road to Indian Road. It offers year-round fishing.

Mount Tzouhalem: The 536-metre Mount Tzouhalem north of Genoa Bay has hiking and biking trails for all ages and levels of ability, including wonderful wildflowers and spectacular views. The moderate hiking trail follows the ridge of Mt. Tzouhalem, providing 180-degree views of Cowichan Bay and Duncan. You’ll be able to see Mt. Whymper, Mt. Prevost and the Malahat. Access to the trail is from the end of Khenipsen Road. You will find the trailhead past the gate with the chain strung across.


PRICE: $12,500,000